Welcome and Marhaba

March 4, 2010

We started The Maydan Institute because we believe the fullest potential of Muslim communities, here in America and abroad, across the world, is so far unrealized.  Our work, academic and personal experiences have taken us from Copenhagen, Denmark to Melbourne, Australia, where we have interacted with promising Muslims and other thought leaders, activists, businessmen and women, journalists and artists, building bridges, establishing institutions and sharing ideas.  Now we want to share what we’ve learned.  In fact, we need to.

The world can only move forward if global Muslim and Western populations can come to the table and talk, finding common values and common interests for the years ahead.  As American Muslims — as Westerners — we feel we have an important part to play in that dialogue.

We’ll be updating this blog from time to time, to give you news about upcoming Maydan Institute workshops, lectures and special events.  We’ll also link to articles, speeches and sermons given by members of our team: Omar Taha, Imam Khalid Latif and myself, Haroon Moghul.  And, of course, we always welcome honest feedback, suggestions and criticisms.